Greeanpeace Birds

“Acum e randul tau sa inghiti.” (Now it’s your turn to swallow.) – is one of the new Saatchi & Saatchi Romania prints for Greenpeace’s campaign “Collect (Waste) Separately”.

The images taken by photographer Chris Jordan are real and unaltered.

I find the title quite powerful, yet slightly vulgar and violent. The people that will probably understand the campaign’s message don’t throw waste in nature anyway. The others who do will not even notice the posters. Moreover, the campaign simply seems to support the idea of throwing waste in the garbage, not collecting it separately. As I understand, as long as I don’t throw waste of any kind in the nature and I put it in the garbage can, the birds will be safe.

What’s more, the campaign seems to threaten me: “Now it’s your turn to swallow!” – I can’t help but imagine a nature-loving bully (and not the friendly Captain Planet) forcing everyone to swallow used lighters and bottle caps because birds did too and now they died. Is that the way that we want to teach people to become responsible towards the environment? By threatening them? They will just laugh in your face and continue to throw waste either on the streets and in nature, or, in the best case, in the bin where all the types of garbage are kept colectively.

Unfortunately, I cannot read the smaller writing integrally. The title is the continuation to the headline… what we are supposed to swallow is “the truth”. Further, from what I can make out, the main headline is explained on a friendlier tone “The images are real… You can change this… etc.”. So, from that threatening tone in the title, now the voice behind the ads gives us a parental piece of advice? Hmm…

I think I would have just let the images speak for themselves. No headline. I would have let the explanatory block of text, but made it smaller: “The images are real. Put garbage where it’s supposed to be!”. I believe it’s more impactful that way. The shocking image would convince me to read the text, while the bullying title probably just annoys and scares the passer-by, encouraging him/her to move on and not read further.

But that’s just my opinion. The campaign seems good and will most certainly not pass by unnoticed; if it raises awareness, that is the most important result, after all.

Sources: AdPlayers, Strategic


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