“Follow Your Bliss

… and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls” (Joseph Campbell).

I watched “The Secret” today, after a very good friend recommended it to me. I was quite skeptical to begin with, because I do not really believe in all the motivational products, as they all seem to be mostly made of marketing and not of true meaning.

But, as someone said to me, you can learn something out of anything. And this TV documentary taught me that if you truly want to achieve something, you have to believe with your entire being in that something in life, rejecting all the failing possibilities (because if you think of them and imagine how you would feel in that situation, you turn those worst-case scenarios into self-fulfilling prophecies). Picture yourself becoming who you want to become and you will find a way; the universe will conspire in your achieving that. That is the definition of the law of attraction, after all: positive thinking will attract positive things!

It seems that we’ve been so busy conquering the outside world, that we forgot about the one inside us, our own infinite universes. We only use 5% of our mind; what if you could use 100% of it? Imagine that! Nothing is really impossible, no matter what everyone says. If you don’t believe in yourself, nobody else will. So, down with pessimism!

What I did not appreciate about the documentary was the fact that everyone wants to focus on having expensive cars, money, mostly superficial things. I think there’s more to life than that. And, eventually, the documentary’s conclusion was that being wealthy does not only mean being materially fulfilled; sure, that is an important part of achieving the 360° experience of life, but not all.

All in all, I loved the positive message of the documentary and all of the quotes taken from some of history’s greatest personalities, all holders of this “secret” to life and happiness. So, if you’re feeling down and overwhelmed with problems, watch this documentary or read the book and start believing in yourself. Nothing bad can come out of that!


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