Summer Storm

Yesterday, the Bucharest skies were announcing a long awaited summer storm. Yes, a summer storm, in the middle of spring… Yet the gray, curly clouds were only visiting. It’s not the moment… But in a couple of weeks’ time, we’ll probably get the long awaited climatic tantrum that we’ve been waiting for through all those long, endless winter days. The kind of storm that will wash away all the accumulated pressure and frustrations, making way for probably the best period of the year: May, the third month of spring, when it’s neither too cold, nor asphyxiatingly hot. That wonderful spring/summer hybrid of a month, when everything seems to come into place… The raw and lively green seems to invade you from every direction and you have no choice but to surrender to its pure freshness… Peaceful thunder storms bring the most beautiful rainbows. After all, the skies only seem to be playing, especially when they see the temporary chaos that they cause among humans. Among whom, only very few adults, overgrown children, remember to laugh when, caught in the moment’s abundant rainfalls without an umbrella, have no choice but to… giggle along. It’s just water, after all.

“Because I’m free, nothing’s worrying me…”


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  1. J’adore 🙂 Cantecul. Postul. Si luna mai 🙂 ❤

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