On Freedom

I call myself a freedom addict, yet I believe these notions to be antonymous. Having an addiction makes you no longer free and this is probably why I cannot hold to an addiction too long. I change my taste in food, clothes, cosmetics very easily; I cannot be addicted to smoking, for example. People and passions don’t count, they are not material things that one can give up all to easily. I am very selective about what I truly like. And I cannot be chained to anything, I feel like I’m running out of air, whenever others try to limit me in various ways. Therefore, I believe that my sole addiction is freedom, which is not always to my benefit. I sometimes run too easily from people and situations that suffocate me, even though, secretly, I wish that someone would eventually run along with me… But that’s another story.

So here is Pink Floyd – “Learning To Fly”… My sole intention is, well, learning to fly! 🙂


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